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Neseblod Records are proud to present Barashi from Osaka, Japan for our next release. Japanese hardcore band Barashi sounds very unlike most so called hardcore bands today. They have the aggression and anger and intensity that seems somehow lost these days. The dark edge in their music shines through blistering guitar work and high velocity drumming as well as aggressive sharply delivered vocals with a driving bass. Neseblod Records are pleased to release their debut 7"(One track from the Ep will be posted soon). The spirit of flames lives on. This 7” ep with four tracks is set for a late summer release.
And if you should happen to be in Tokyo this summer make sure you catch Barashi`s gig on 24/Jul. at Earthdom(Shinjuku).

Release date around end of July.

Barashi S/T 7” (NESE004 2016)
A1: Never Force To Me
A2: Unequal Rain
B1: Slugger Man
B2: センセーショナルな夜 俺とお前


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